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Being Blank.

Hello. My name is ***. I have a lot of nick names, but my favourite one is pemburu.
I called my father Walid, and I called my mother Umi.
I have six siblings and I am the third.
I am sixteen years old to infinity and beyond. I wish I am Peter Pan. I want to be forever young.
But I am happy with my life right now.
I am a Muslim. I believe in Allah, I believe in love.
I have one number one best friend, and I called her Aly.
We both have nothing in common.
She loves Cody Simpson, while I love K-Pop like crazy.
She dislike Running Man, and I dislike CRS.
Even though sometimes we have a different opinions, we still both love each other.
I am not lesbian! :P
Actually, I rely on her almost all the time. I rely on people around me most of the time.
I cannot stand on my own, since I always will be blank when there's nobody with me.
I sleep a lot in school, during recess or when there's no teacher.
I love to spend my time playing Sudoku and watching Running Man or K-Drama.
I try my best to finish reading Holy Quran once in a year.
Alhamdulillah, I did it twice so far. I'll do it again this year!
My favourite character in Harry Potter would be Ronald Weasley,
and in Spongebob Squarepants is Patrick.
I enjoy watching cartoons and movies about friendship.
I wish I have a friend like in those kind of movies.
My favourite subject would be Additional Mathematics, and my number one hobby is eating.
I already gain my weight to 60 kg this month. I am fine with my weight. But not my body.
I am trying to lose my fat with dancing to K-Pop song.
I watch a lot of K-Pop tutorial dance, and I practice it in my room.
I can dance to Boyfriend songs now! ^_^
Okay, that's all I want to say.
Thank you for spending your time reading ridiculous post ever. :)
*bow 90 degree*